Interactive content in email is going to change the way people decipher email marketing campaigns. Remember those early days of the internet when we all signed up for our first email-ID? Before social media, emails made the world smaller with better reach. So, it is no surprise that email marketing is the most trustworthy and profitable digital marketing strategy.

Research shows that the conversion rate for business email is highest. For every $1 you spend on a business email, you get an average return of $38. Even the customers like to communicate through email. Studies reveal that around 72% of customers prefer emails for business communication.

Despite the positive trend and the success rate, emails do limit the scope of real-time integration and creativity. Emails are static, and often force you to landing pages. These disadvantages are glaring when it comes to customer retention and interaction.

However, the introduction of AMP in an email is about to change everything. This technology changes the way email works and provides a lot of scope to marketers for their campaign. Now, your email campaigns can be interactive and a lot more fun.

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