Let's go through the simple steps involved in creating an email using Mailmodo.

Firstly, open Mailmodo website and login with your credentials or with google. If you don't have an account click on sign up to generate new credentials and complete the login procedure.

After logging in click on create template button, you can also proceed by clicking on templates under features on the left corner of the tab.

After clicking on templates you will have a choice to Create New Email or use the Saved Email template.

Choose to Create New Email option to create a completely new template for your email. Under this template library, you will find a blank template with no inputs and a few other ready-to-use templates like product demo, enquirey forms, etc.

Under Saved Emails, you will find templates that were created and saved earlier on the account. You can further edit these templates and save changes. If there are no further changes click on the preview to have a final look before sending the email.

Emails can be created from scratch or editing an already present template. To learn more about using the editor check out the next article. The emails created can be sent directly as part of a campaign or saved as a draft for use later. More about email campaigns will be covered in later articles.

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