The editor allows a user to choose components from a list of predefined and highly customizable HTML and AMP elements. The left side of the editor contains a list of all the element types that can be added in an email. Click on an element type to browse through a list of all available elements. Click on the element you want in your email to insert it to the workspace.

Once you have inserted the element you need, you can modify its properties such as content, colours, size, margin size in the right-side panel. Select the element to access the panel.

Adding actionable forms

Forms are part of the AMP element type. You can select forms from the left side panel of the editor. You can change the design, question components and their type from the right-side panel. You can also add multiple pages to these forms and customise the Success and failure outcome pages of the forms.

You can always ‘Preview’ your design using the button on the top-right. Once your design is finalised you are ready to send out the email campaign. If you plan to send the campaign later you can save the draft using the button on the top-right corner.

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