This article will cover the major aspects of the Mailmodo editor. Check out the previous article to learn how to Create an email.

The editor allows a user to choose components from a list of predefined and highly customizable HTML and AMP elements. Click on ' + ' to find a range of elements available to use. The right side of the editor contains features to edit these elements.

Click on text to add content to the template. Choose the type of text you want to use. Each of these texts has a different font size which can be edited.

Type in the text is given space and edit the features of the text on the right side of the editor. You can find options to change font style, size, color, letterspacing, etc. Click on a block to choose the background color and add a background image.

Click on Image to add your logo or any image to the template. Choose the type of image you want to upload.

Click on choose file to upload the image from your device or to replace the existing image. Use the features on the right to edit the dimensions of the image and add changes to make it look attractive. Click on ' + ' to add elements like border, text, divider to the image.

Click on the Button feature to choose and add a button of your choice. On the right side under Link URL add the URL that you wish to link to the button. You can also edit other features like the color of the button, text font, color, and style.

Click on Form to choose the type of form that you want to add to the template.

Click on add question to add a variety of questions to the form. Edit the order of the questions on the left side of the editor. The right-hand side of the editor can be used to edit features like font size, style, and color.

You can always ‘Preview’ your design using the button on the top-right. Once your design is finalized you are ready to send out the email campaign. If you plan to send the campaign later you can save the draft using the button on the top-right corner.

To learn more about email campaigning check out the next article.

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