This article covers the step-by-step procedure of how to set up an email campaign. Visit the previous articles to get a better insight on how to Create an Email and How to use the Editor.

1. Select your Email draft

Select the campaign tab and choose your email draft. Click next on the top right corner of the screen.

2. Add Header information

Create the header by adding your campaign name, subject line and preheader text and preview it on the right side inbox preview. Input a reply address and the sender address you wish to use and click on next. You cannot send your campaign without a reply address.

3. Choose the Contact list

Use the ‘Contacts’ tab to view your saved contact lists, modify or add new lists. You can add contacts manually or upload a list (currently supported only . CSV). After uploading your contact list you need to create a target list and save your upload in that list.

Select the list of contacts you wish to send the campaign to. You can select a saved list or create/upload a new one. You can add API triggers from other applications to schedule your campaign. Check out the article series on integrations for the same. (URL)

4. Map your integrations

You can select an integration from a list of active integrations and map the fields you would like to export. You can directly go to the next step if you are not using integrations to send data to other applications. The guide to supported Mailmodo integrations is available in the article series Mailmodo integrations. (add URL)

5. Review and Schedule the campaign

You can preview your message and email before it's sent.

You can also schedule your campaign to be sent at a scheduled time and send a test email to check how everything looks in an inbox.

and that's it...your email is on its way to your subscribers traveling at light speed.

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