There are three scenarios in which Zapier’s integration can be useful to you:

  • Importing contacts to Mailmodo

  • Exporting email form submissions to your web applications

  • Triggering an email campaign through Mailmodo

Steps to integrate Zapier with Mailmodo:

  1. Signup/login to Mailmodo. Go to Integrations -> Enable Zapier by clicking on 'Click to authenticate'.

2. A pop-up will open which will display an API key ( you can always check your API key by clicking on “See Details” on Zapier. ) and the steps to be followed.

Click on the invite link to get the Mailmodo invite. You will be redirected to Zapier.

3. Login into Zapier ( if you haven't already) and click on 'Accept Invite and Build a Zap'.

4. Once Zapier-Mailmodo integration is complete, Zapier will appear in 'Activated Apps' section in "Integrations" in Mailmodo.

To export Mailmodo template submissions to your software stack, refer to this guide.

To trigger mails in Mailmodo through your software stack via Zapier, refer to this guide

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