Exporting Mailmodo form submissions to your software stack using Webhook

To export your form submissions to your software stack, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the export option in the Integration tab and click to authenticate the webhook integration. You’ll see a pop-up indicating that the integration has been applied.

Alternatively, you can add the integrations within an email template. Select a template, click on integration (you will see an integration option only if the template has a form or when you add one manually) where you will have a list of all the integrations that you have authenticated and an option to add new integrations.

2. Select the webhook integration to proceed. This will prompt you to add the webhook name and URL.

3. Enter the key to which you want your submissions to be mapped and save it. Your webhook has been created.

4. Send out your campaign after adding the Webhook URL and mapping for fields to export parameters. The exported raw data will look like this:

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