Hubspot Integration:

With Hubspot integration you get:

  1. Ability to import your Hubspot integrations to Mailmodo
  2. Ability to export all your submissions to Hubspot

To integrate Hubspot into Mailmodo:

  • Go to the integration Menu from your Dashboard
  • Go to import/Export tab in the integration page
  • Click on Click to Authenticate. A popup will appear. If you are using Firefox, please click on yellow banner to allow the popup from “”

  • Enter your credentials to login and select your account in the pop up. You should see a permission page here. The permission page will ask for Contacts and Form Summary
  • Once integrated, user should see the integration enabled

Importing Contacts:

Method 1:

To import contact, user should now be able to see Hubspot Import Button in the contacts route

Method 2:

In the campaign flow, contacts can be imported from Hubspot using the 'Hubspot Import' button

Exporting Submission:

  • In the campaign flow, enable the Hubspot integration:
  • Map the questions if needed
  • Send the campaign or schedule it for later
  • In the Hubspot page you should be able to see the form created. The name of the form should be same as of the name of campaign
  • On form submission, we can see the submission in Hubspot:

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