When adding a new sender email. Select 'Configure SMTP' and 'AWS SES'. There are 2 ways to add an email address that uses AWS SES SMTP.

  1. Using Access Keys
  2. Using SMTP Credentials

Using Access Keys

  • Go to your the IAM dashboard and add a user with 'Programmatic access' type
  • Attach AmazonSESFullAccess and AmazonSNSFullAccess to the user
  • Download the access credentials. Copy the keys along with your SES account region add them to the Mailmodo settings
  • Access keys and region information goes here

Using SMTP Credentials

  • Copy the Server Name from the SMTP Settings in your SES Dashboard. Create new SMTP credentials
  • Copy the SMTP credentials and server name required in your Mailmodo account
  • The copied information goes here

Adding the Webhook URL

  • After configuring the AWS SES using access keys or SMTP Credentials you will be asked to add a Webhook URL to your SES configuration
  • Create a new subscription in the SNS dashboard. Choose a topic and HTTPS protocol. Paste the webhook provided in the endpoint as shown below. Please note the Topic ARN. Activate the subscription
  • After creating a subscription, create a Configuration Set from your SES dashboard
  • Edit the configuration set. Add a destination of type SNS
  • Name the destination and choose the same topic as in the SNS subscription setting. Click Save
  • Verify the settings under domain authentication in Mailmodo. If settings are verified successfully your SMTP is properly configured
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