Mailmodo provides the functionality to add conditional logic within steps in a form, so that the user is directed to a specific set of questions/steps based on responses to previous questions.

Let's demonstrate this concept by creating an NPS form, wherein the user will be directed to different sets of questions based on the rating provided by him/her.

To do this-

  1. Signup/login to Mailmodo. Go to Templates->Create New Email->Blank Template (you can also choose to modify a pre-existing template)

  2. Once the template has been selected, click on the blue '+' button inside the editor->select Form->NPS

  • You can also select a 'Generic Form' instead of NPS, then delete the pre-existing question by selecting it from the left-pane and clicking on the delete button:

  • Once the question has been deleted, add a new question by clicking on '+ Add Question' button and selecting the NPS type from the question types available:

Note: Once a dynamic element such as a form is added, do not forget to edit the HTML version of the same by clicking on the 'Show HTML' button next to the form. This version will be displayed to users whose email clients do not support AMP (ex- Outlook)

  • The question text can be edited from within the editor by clicking on the question. To edit the NPS rating range, click on any of the numbers being displayed (1-10), and from the right pane select the Max Rating.

3. Once the rating question step has been fully configured, add the conditional questions in succeeding steps. These steps will be selectively displayed to the user based on his/her input in the rating step.

As an example, let's create 2 different steps (step 2 & 3) after the rating step, with the condition that any user who provides a rating of less than 7 is directed to step 2, and the user who provides a rating of 7 or more is directed to step 3.

(Note: If the form type has been selected as NPS, by default 2 steps will be added to the form. The questions inside the steps can be modified/deleted by following the steps mentioned above.)

4. To add a new step to the form, click on the '+ Add Step' button on the left pane. Edit/delete the questions in the steps through the process mentioned above.

5. Once the steps and the questions inside the steps have been configured, let's configure the logic on the NPS rating step:

  • To do this, go to the NPS step (step 1 in this case) and click on the 'Next' button. The conditional logic will be configured in the right pane:

  • Let's configure the logic for step 2, wherein if a user provides a rating of less than 7, he/she is directed to step 2, where we can ask feedback questions such as, "What do you think should we improve in the product?"

To configure the logic, select the necessary conditions in the right pane.

  • Then click on the '+ Add Condition' button to add another condition wherein if a user provides a rating of 7 or more, he/she is directed to step 3, where we can ask questions such as, "What did you like about the product?"

6. The logic is now configured. Upon clicking 'Submit' after providing the feedback, the user is shown the 'Success' step, text and button link for which can be configured too from within the editor.

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