Google Sheets integration can be useful for exporting your Mailmodo form submissions to a Google Sheet.

Steps to integrate Google Sheets with Mailmodo:

  1. Signup/login to Mailmodo. Go to templates and select the template for which the form submissions are to be exported. You can also use a blank template and add a form for which the submissions will be exported. On the selected template click the 3 dots (on the top right corner of the template) and select the edit option

2. To integrate the template form with Google Sheets click on the integration tab at the top right corner of the window pane inside the template editor

3. A modal to configure form integrations will open up. Next click on setup to integrate Google Sheets

4. Once you click on it, the integration options available will be visible. Next select Google Sheets and click on the authenticate option

5. Next choose the Google Sheets account which you want to integrate with Mailmodo

6. After selecting the account click on the allow tab for the Google Sheet to get integrated

7. Once the integration setup is complete, click on the Integration tab from the top right corner of the editor window and select the Google Sheets option

8. You can either choose to create a new sheet or update an existing one.

Here we will demonstrate with the 'Create a new spreadsheet' option. After selecting the 'Create a new spreadsheet' option you need to map the form questions to the respective column headers in your Google Sheet. For example, the question, "Please enter your name" can be mapped to the "Name" column header in your Google Sheet. Once the mapping is done, click on Save

9. Now the template is successfully integrated with your Google Sheet and all submissions henceforth on campaigns with this template will be automatically sent to the selected Google Sheet

Attaching a sample screenshot of the exported submissions in Google Sheet

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