Zapier’s integration with Mailmodo allows you to:

  • Import contacts from your software stack into Mailmodo

  • Export email form submissions to your web applications

  • Trigger an email campaign through Mailmodo

To carry out the aforementioned functions, you need to first integrate Zapier with Mailmodo. To do that, follow the steps mentioned in this guide.

Now, to import contacts in Mailmodo from your software stack via Zapier, follow these steps:

(Demonstrating this use case by importing contacts from Google sheets list)

1. Setting up the trigger

  • On the Zapier dashboard, click on 'Make a Zap'

  • Since we are demonstrating the import of contacts from Google Sheet, the trigger event will be an addition of a row in your Google Sheets. Hence in the trigger tab, select Google Sheets:

  • In this case the import contacts Zap will be triggered when a new row is appended In the selected Google Sheet, so in the 'Trigger Event' section choose 'New Spreadsheet Row'. Then click on 'Continue'

  • Next, select the Google Sheets account you want to use:

  • Select the Spreadsheet and then the Worksheet in which addition of a row will trigger the Zap:

  • Now the trigger setup is complete, you can test it by clicking on 'Test trigger'

  • Recent data in the selected worksheet will show-up. Next, click on 'Continue':

Setting up the Action Event

  • The action will be performed in Mailmodo. As soon as a row is appended in the selected Google Sheet, the data will get exported to a contact list in Mailmodo. So, in the App Event tab, search for Mailmodo and select Mailmodo (1.2.0)

  • In the Action Event tab, select 'Create a contact' and click on 'Continue'

  • Now in the 'Choose account' tab click on 'Sign in to Mailmodo (1.2.0)' and copy the API key that you received in Mailmodo

  • Paste the API key in the box. Then click on 'Yes, Continue'.

  • Then after signing in to Mailmodo (1.2.0), on the Zapier dashboard you need to fill the details under the 'Set up action' dropdown:

We can add as many personalization headers as we want in the Google Sheet and import the same in our Mailmodo contact list:

  • Name of your Recipient list: The name of the list to which the contacts should be imported

  • Email: It will contain the email address of the contact which needs to be mapped to a particular column in the Google Sheet. This will map it to the email mentioned in your Google Sheet

  • First Name: Map the first Name column (if present) of your Google Sheet here

  • Last Name: Map the Last Name column (if present) of your Google Sheet here

  • Contact: Map the Contact column (if present) of your Google Sheet here

  • Address: Map the Address column (if present) of your Google Sheet here

Next click on 'Continue'

  • Under 'Test Action' we can find the details entered, next click on 'Test & Continue'

  • After the test is completed and successful click on 'Turn on Zap' and the Zap will be configured

  • Your Zap will run instantly each time a new a spreadsheet row is created.

Henceforth, any contact added in the selected Google Sheet will get appended to the selected Mailmodo list.

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