Following are the use-cases that can be achieved through the usage of APIs in Mailmodo:

  • triggering dynamic mails through your software stack in Mailmodo

  • passing dynamic (custom) forms inside the AMP mail

  • triggering Journeys in Mailmodo from your application

  • importing contacts in Mailmodo from your software stack

Mailmodo APIs are completely RESTful and all our responses are returned in JSON.

API Gateway URL:

The Mailmodo API Gateway URL is You need to include this before each API endpoint to make API calls.

API Authorization:

Mailmodo APIs are completely RESTful. All Mailmodo APIs are authorized via an API key.

Generate API Key:

  1. Login to your Mailmodo account with appropriate credentials.

  2. Navigate to SettingsAPI KeysShow API Key to view the default API key. (You may also create a new API Key by clicking on the 'Add new API Key' button)


- Header:

'mmApiKey': '<api key value>'

'Content-Type': 'application/json'

- Body:



  • For triggered mails

  • Optional. If not provided, the original subject set in the campaign will be used


  • Required field

  • For triggered mails, email address of the recipient

  • For Contacts import API, email address of the contact to be added


  • Optional personalization fields in key-value pairs. ex-
    "First Name": "Daniel"


  • For Contacts import API

  • Name of the list to which the contact to be added. If the list does not exist, it will be created






"Email scheduled successfully"/

"No campaign Found for the campaignId in Trigger URL, Please check apiKey or campaignId"


<reference id>

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