Prerequisite needed before this process :-

Shopify store connected with your Mailmodo account.

Step 01 - Connect your shopify store with Mailmodo through the Private app.

Step 02 - Create template in the template section.

Step 03 - Add the relevant details in the template and navigate to saved blocks.

Step 04 - Select ‘Shopify Product Recommendation’ widget in the widget section and add relevant products in the template.

Step 05 - You can add products, customise heading, select your products from the drop down, create discount code and set discount percentage if applicable, from the fields on the right side.

Step 06 - Now, you can save the template and click on send email.

Step 07 - Complete all the important details in this section and click on next to add shopify contacts.

Step 08 - By clicking on shopify contacts, you have the options of:

  • All Contacts (All the contacts in your shopify store)

  • Purchased (Those contacts who have purchased as a customer on your store in the whole lifetime)

  • Never Purchased (Those contacts who have never purchased as a customer on your store in the whole lifetime)

Select any one of these relevant to the email campaign and click on send to shoot the campaign.

You can also add specifc contacts of your choice by downloading the customer data from your Shopify dashboard and importing them through various functions like, 'manual importing', 'import through csv files', 'import through apps' like, Zapier, Integromat, Hubspot etc.

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