Prerequisites needed before this process :-

  1. Shopify Store Connected with your Mailmodo account.

  2. Plan for the Abandoned Cart Journey

Step 01 - Navigate to the template section and click on the create template button.

Step 02 - Select the relevant sample template or a blank template to create the template.

Step 03 - In the editor window, add the relevant content and message for your abandoned cart campaigns.

Step 04 - Next, add the Shopify abandoned cart widget at the place where you want your product to be displayed in the email.

The added block is a placeholder image of how the product section would look in real.

When the abandoned cart event would occur, the product would be added automatically to this template and would be sent to the respective customer.

To check how it would look in real, click the preview mode or perform the testing while creating the journey.

Step 05 - If you want to offer some discounts, use the options in the right panel to set the discount code and the percentage.

Step 06 - Now your Template is ready to be used in the ‘Abandoned Cart’ Journey. You can save it and move to set up the journey in the integrations tab.

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