Step 01 - Connect your Shopify store with Mailmodo by adding the API key and Password.

To get the API Key and password follow the steps in the document.

To understand the permissions Mailmodo would need to integrate, follow the same document.

Step 02 - Confirm the Important details like, name of the shop, brand name of the product, website url of the store, and upload the logo.

Step 03 - Next, you need to add the email address for the two cases:

  1. When you want to send the order notifications to the customers.

  2. And, when you want to send support related emails.

Step 04 - In the payment details section, you can select the ‘cash on delivery’ option if there’s a chance that your customers would not like to pay online.

To enable the online payment for your customers,

You can choose between Razorpay or Stripe as the payment gateway to receive payments from the email campaigns.

a.) To Integrate your ‘Razorpay’ account with Mailmodo, Click on the ‘ Razorpay’ button.

  1. Add the Razorpay Key Id and the Razorpay Password by reading the steps from here.

b.) To Integrate your ‘Stripe’ account with Mailmodo, Click on the ‘Stripe’ button.

i.) Add the Stripe Public Key and Secret Key by reading the steps from here.

Step 05 - Save details and complete the step.

You would see a dashboard with the store name and the payment gateway details. You can edit them by clicking on the edit option or move onto creating campaigns for your customers.

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