Step 01 - Create a transactional campaign from the transactional tab on the left column.

To create the transactional campaign, click on ‘create new transactional campaign’ and complete relevant details to set the campaign live.

Step 02 - In the campaign dashboard, click on ‘Facebook’ from the list of triggers to set the connection.

Step 03 - Click on Authenticate to connect the account with Mailmodo.

Step 04 - Enter your facebook account credentials to complete the authentication.

Step 05 - Now, Click on the Integrate button to set the trigger.

Step 06 - In the pop up, select your facebook page and the lead form (please make sure to have the email field in the form).

Step 07 - A recent lead will be loaded. If it doesn't, please create a sample lead from the following URL: <>

Step 08 - Map the personalisation with the data labels in the lead form and enable the trigger.

The trigger can be paused anytime by clicking on the 'Pause' button

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