Mailmodo is a brand-new ESP focused on bringing interactive experience in emails. It allows businesses to create improved campaigns that increase their conversion and ROI resulting in 3X the number of leads that a business would have otherwise generated.

What the world currently uses?

Emails are normally written using HTML and the inbox converts that code into readable communication. Emails are static and offer limited functionality. In order to engage with the audience, emails have CTAs that allow subscribers to visit a page/blog/form/piece of content. This is the fundamental purpose of an email. The interest thus generated needs to drive the audience to a landing page where further steps are added.

The best performing email campaigns often boast an open rate of only about 18-20% and most end up being ignored.

Mailmodo is changing the way businesses send emails by helping create dynamic, actionable experiences within the email itself. ; We are doing this by building an Email service based on the AMP framework. This allows Mailmodo to create emails with web page-like interactivity right inside the user inbox, thereby increasing engagement and conversions multifold.

Core features of Mailmodo Platform:

  • Interactive emails with capabilities to conduct surveys, book demos, take quizzes, get reviews, generate leads

  • A drag and drop, no-code email editor to build AMP emails without coding

  • Free template library that covers a variety of use cases

  • Email Automation and segmentation

  • Delivering dynamic and personalised content

  • Reporting dashboard that measures the quality of your email campaigns across all important KPI’s

  • A/B testing

  • Integrations with a range of tools

  • No sending limits on the number of emails

  • Best in class deliverability

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