Prerequisites needed before this process :-

  1. Created templates in the template section.

  2. Addition of Abandoned Cart Widget inside the template.
    The widget can be found in the widget section of Saved blocks.
    (Refer guide)

Step 01 - Connect your Shopify store with Mailmodo through the Private app.

(Refer guide)

Step 02 - Go to the Integrations tab in the left panel. Click on see details in Shopify app. Now click on the Create Journey option and fill up the details like,

‘Sender Email’ (the email you want your emails from),

‘Sender Name’ (the name you want on your emails),

‘Reply to’ (the email address where you want to receive your customers replies).

Step 03 - The next step is to set up the campaign, you can do it by entering the ‘campaign name’, choosing the right ‘template’, writing down the ‘subject’ for your emails, the suitable ‘preheader’ line and setting the delay timer of how much delay you would want your emails to go from.

Step 04 - Use ‘add campaign’ option which helps you to create different campaigns for your customers.

Step 05 - Now, click on ‘create journey’ to finalise the campaign and enter your email to test the journey.

Step 06 - You need to perform the abandoned cart event in your connected store and wait for the set journey to trigger.

Step 07 - If the journey is working according to what was set, click on the publish button to set the journey live.

Step 08 - Incase you wish to pause the journey just published and want to do re-test, you can click on the 'Test Journey' button to change the status.

Step 09 - You can check the analytics, pause the journey and perform edits by navigating to the ‘Journey’ section ( left panel) in the Mailmodo dashboard.

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